Here’s a plea from Priya Shastri in Ahmedabad. If you’re interested, please respond immediately.

INdog for adoption
Priya has three dogs, all neutered and sterilized. They are three year old siblings. Due to a disagreement in her family, she may have to give them up soon. Her father, who is against the adoption, has thrown her and the dogs out of their house, and to quote Priya:

I have many places to go but my dogs have none.

INDOGS for adoption

The dogs are currently tied up in a relative’s garden, but it is a temporary fix at best. Priya is heartbroken. The dogs are siblings and have always been together. She would appreciate if they are adopted separately, but would like nothing more if someone takes all three of them home together.

Indog for Adoption

Priya says:

I cannot release them back on the street, they wont be able to survive. There are no permanent kennels in Ahmedabad where they can be kept either. If we can’t find them a home they will eventually have to be put to sleep which is something I would never want to do willingly.

I am ready to take the financial responsibility of their health and food needs, including the cost of any fencing that will need to be done in your home/garden for them.

This is not a request but a cry for help.

Indog for adoption

So hurry. Help save these three adorable dogs. Call Priya at +91 9909005284